Awards & Screenings

July 9th, 2014: It's been a great year! We've had our premiere, been shown at an international film festival, and netted three competition wins!

So how we celebrate? We put the documentary online and make it available to anyone who wants to see it, that's how!

Click on the "Watch the Gamer Evolution" link in the menu to watch it here, or you can go directly to the documentary's Vimeo page at and watch it there! It's available in both SD and HD!

Thanks to everyone for the support in getting this far, and watch for news in the coming months about the follow-up documentary which is in the pre-production stages now!


video silver 20

April, 2014: Gamer Evolution has been awarded two Silver Awards of Distinction from the International Communicator Awards, one in the Film/Video Documentary category, and one in the Programs/News Documentary category!


March, 2014: Gamer Evolution is awarded 2nd Place in the National Broadcasting Society Professional Competition!


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